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Metalworking and production

Manufacturer of metal parts produced according to drawng documentation provided by the customer.
Supplier of products for multiple industries.
Metalworking division is equipped with conventional and CNC machines.


Sales Representative - metalworking
Ivona Šedá
phone +420 461 550 931
smartphone +420 731 615 811


  • Machining of metal and non-metal parts
  • Cold forming of metal materials
  • Cutting, bending and pressing of metal parts
  • Welding in a protective atmosphere of CO2 and argon
  • Vibration or centrifugal polishing and grinding of metal parts as well as non-metal parts
  • EDM - Electric discharge machining
  • CNC grinding and manufacturing of tools


  • Production of parts from various materilas – steel class 11-19, non-ferrous metals, plastics, ect.
  • Surface treatments such as Zn coating, nickel coating, copper coating, NiCr coating or KTL coating are outsourced.


  • CNC turning centers
  • CNC lathes
  • Drilling and milling CNC centers
  • Five-axis CNC drilling and milling centers
  • In-line and column drills
  • Centrifugal grinders
  • Fully automized robotic welding centers
  • Eccentric and hydraulic presses
  • Band and circular NC saws
  • Single-purpose machines
  • CNC tool grinder
  • EDM drill (starting holes dia.0,5;1;1.5;2)
  • EDM wire cutter