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Letní celozávodní dovolená 8. 7. 2024 – 21. 7. 2024 : Společnosti Flídr metal s.r.o. a Flídr plast s.r.o. budou v termínu 8. 7. 2024 – 21. 7. 2024 uzavřeny z důvodu letní celozávodní dovolené. V tomto termínu nebude v provozu příjem ani expedice zboží. ...Read more


Flídr group story

Flídr group has started to write its history on 9th December 1993 when first company FLÍDR s.r.o. was established. At the beginning FLÍDR s.r.o. employed only 5 employees and its main business activities were metalworking and locksmithing. Production took place in rented premises on an area of 120 square meters.

Over the years, company has grown and expanded its business portfolio with other business activities. Hand in hand with this development other sister companies were established: Flídr plast s.r.o., Flídr energo s.r.o., Flídr medical s.r.o. and the last addition to business portfolio – Flídr agro s.r.o.

At present time Flídr group employs around 300 employees and is connected with both czech and foreign business partners. It remains true to traditional metalworking and machining and is major supplier of shape and dimentionaly accurant plastic parts. Thanks to joining of these two very different and specific industries, is has built its name in automotive industry on international level. Experience and uncompromising discipline in area of quality demanded by automotive industry gave Flídr group great head start also in totally different field of business activities - design and delivery of solutions for hospitals, medical facilities - where maximum quality and accuracy can be the difference between life and death.

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  • 9.12.
    FLÍDR s.r.o. was established and started its business activities in leased premises on area of 120 m2 and with 5 employees.
  • 28.9.
    Sister company Flídr plast s.r.o. is established.
  • 1999 Both companies FLÍDR s.r.o. and Flídr plast s.r.o. obtain internationally recognized certification ISO 9001.
  • 1999 Flídr plast s.r.o. joining governmental program for employers employing over 50 % employees with disability status.
  • 2001 FLÍDR s.r.o. expanding business activities and entering automotive industry as TIER 2 supplier of headrest frames.
  • 2002 Major reconstruction of main building in premises of Flídr group and migration of HQ from rented offices to newly reconstructed administration building
  • 1.4.
    FLÍDR s.r.o. obtains internationally recognized environmental certification ISO 14001.
  • 2008 „Extinguishing the economic crisis“. Expansion of the portfolio of activities by cooperating with new business partner THT Polička s.r.o. on project of equiping fire trucks.
  • 2009 Flídr plast s.r.o. entering automotive industry market as TIER 1 supplier.
  • 2010 Team of designers and toolshop staff releasing first automatic production line of own construction to serial production.
  • 13.4.
    Sister company Flídr energo s.r.o. is established.
  • 2013 Flídr group reaching important milestone in its development. 5th production hall is built and number of employees is reaching 300.
  • 5.9.
    Sister company Flídr medical s.r.o. is established.
  • 2015 Flídr medical s.r.o. reaches many important milestones this year, obtains the certification of the quality system ISO 9001 and ISO 13 485 and becomes a company registered at the State Institute for Drug Control for the production and service of medical devices.
  • 2016 Flídr plant becomes energy self-sufficient by building very own power unit.
  • 2016 Annual production of headrest frames exceeds 5 million parts.
  • 2018 FLÍDR s.r.o. and Flídr plast s.r.o. obtain internationally recognized certification IATF 16949.
  • 4.
    Flídr medical obtains authorization for the installation and servicing of DeltaP medical devices.
  • 6.3.
    Sister company Flídr agro s.r.o. is established with main business activity of beef cattle breeding.
  • 27.10.
    The 20th year of the prestigious memorial in fire sport takes place in Flídr group premises with the participation of 201 teams from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • 10.
    Flídr plast s.r.o. puts into operation public gas station „F24“.
  • 8.
    As part of extensive rebrand of whole Flídr group business name of FLÍDR s.r.o. is officially changed to Flídr metal s.r.o.