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Flídr energo

Do you plan to build a photovoltaic power plant?

Since 2022 Flídr energo produces and assembles hot-dip galvanized steel or aluminium structures for photovoltaic power plants.

In response to the current energy crisis Flídr energo now offers pruduction of structures for groud as well as rooftop photovoltaic powerplant structures, including instalation of solar panels. Flídr energo exclusively offers the production and delivery of bearing structures for roof installations.

Steady ground structures are anchored using hot-dip galvanized group screws, the entire structure is modular designed and robust for any size and performance photovoltaic powerplant.

Rooftop structures are offered in two different versions considering customer´s wish. It is possible to choose either welded steel structure or aluminium modular profiles.

According to customer´s needs, Flídr energo is able to offer assistance with prosses of obtainig builting permit, application for network connection, optionaly we can provide support with subsidy pogram application.

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Trust the quality and experience! Within whole Flídr group is shared decades of experience in the precise production of metal and plastic parts for autotomovie industry and established quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 50001 and ISO EN 14001. Our products always meet very strict quality and corrosion resistance criteria.