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Fotovoltaika pro firmy : Plánujete výstavbu solární elektrárny? Flídr energo s.r.o. nově nabízí výrobu ocelových konstrukcí a montáž fotovoltaických panelů. ...Read more


announcement Fotovoltaika pro firmy


Plánujete výstavbu solární elektrárny? Flídr energo s.r.o. nově nabízí výrobu ocelových konstrukcí a montáž fotovoltaických panelů. ...Read more

Zrušení COVID opatření


Rušíme COVID opatření pro návštěvy vydaná 8.12.2021. ...Read more

Jsme společností přátelskou rodině


Na základě auditu provedeného společností Síť pro rodinu jsme obdrželi certifikát, že jsme společností přátelskou rodině. ...Read more

Flídr group history


The company FLÍDR s.r.o. was established on 9.12.1993 and the main portfolio of its business activities was including metalworking and metal production. At the time the company started with 5 employees. At present, the Flídr group includes 5 companies with a total number of employees approaching 300 and has a wide portfolio of products and services.

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Flídr group
Flídr metal s.r.o. - illustrative photo

On 1.8.2020 was FLÍDR s.r.o. company renamed to Flídr metal s.r.o. as part of a planned, large-scale rebrand. The wide production portfolio and the provided services includes the production of parts for the automotive industry, metal production and machining, surfaces finalization by tumbling technology, sales of industrial hoses and products for agriculture and distribution of the firefighting equipment. Flídr metal s.r.o. is the largest Czech manufacturer of the fire sport accessories - FLÍDR Firesport.

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Flídr metal
Flídr plast s.r.o. - illustrative photo

In the year 1998 was the Flídr plast s.r.o. company established and the portfolio of offered products increased with the production of shape and dimensionally accurate, technical plastic moldings. We use technologies for injection molding of thermoplastics and elastomers, CELL MOLD technology, injection molding of metal parts with plastic and technologies for ultrasonic and infrared welding.

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Flídr plast
Flídr energo s.r.o. - illustrative photo

Flídr energo s.r.o. is a part of the Flídr group since 2010. It deals with the design and implementation of combined energy solutions. Thanks to the experience with its own energy center for the production of electricity, heat and cold through gas combustion, it can offer an optimized solution for heating, air conditioning or power supply for your production premises.

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Flídr energo
Flídr medical s.r.o. - illustrative photo

Flídr medical s.r.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and technologies since 2014. It designs and installs equipment for hospital bed rooms and surgical rooms. The main products of Flídr medical s.r.o. are terminal units, wall terminal units, ceiling terminals and arms, surgery lighting, sources and distribution of medical gases. The company also provides complete service and revision of existing installations.

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Flídr medical
Flídr agro s.r.o. - illustrative photo

Flídr agro farm was established on 6.3.2018 and now it continues the long-term history and traidition of Charolais meat breeders. Currently we operate on approximately 170 ha of meadows, pastures and arable land. In the summer it is possible to see herds of grazing cattle in the meadows around the farm - up to 150 heads.

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Flídr agro