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Letní celozávodní dovolená 8. 7. 2024 – 21. 7. 2024 : Společnosti Flídr metal s.r.o. a Flídr plast s.r.o. budou v termínu 8. 7. 2024 – 21. 7. 2024 uzavřeny z důvodu letní celozávodní dovolené. V tomto termínu nebude v provozu příjem ani expedice zboží. ...Read more


Entry rules

Rules for the movement of visitors on the premises of Flídr metal s.r.o. and Flídr plast s.r.o.
Our companies are highly focused on sustainable way of production behaviour and creating safe work environment for its employees and all stakeholders. We would like to ask you to contribute to our efforts and behave environmentally friendly and prevent possible security risks within all parts of our company premises.
We kindly ask you to observe following basic principles:
1. Always follow the instructions of the contact person you are visiting or other company staff.
2. Do not enter areas of the premises unrelated to the purpose of your visit.
3. Movement in the production premises and halls without the accompaniment of a responsible employee of Flídr is prohibited.
4. Taking photos, video and/or audio recordings in the production areas without prior agreement with the responsible person of the Flídr company is strictly prohibited.
5. When moving along the roads in the company premises, you are obliged to follow all traffic signs and orders.
6. The highest permitted speed for the movement of vehicles in the entire Flídr complex is 20 km/h.
7. Obey all warning signs, including the prohibition of smoking in the entire premises, except for areas reserved for smokers.
8. If you bring chemical substances or mixtures into the premises, inform the EMS representative of our company about this fact.
9. If your activity generates waste that you do not intend to remove yourself, contact the EMS representative who will resolve the situation with you.
10. In the event of an emergency situation (fire, drip, leakage of a dangerous substance, etc.), use fire extinguishers or emergency kits located on the premises and immediately inform the manager of the relevant workplace or other company staff.

In case of any additional questions regarding to our politics ask our staff for more detail information.